Research focus

  • Exploiting the observing capabilities of EO for hydrology
  • Modeling catchment hydrological processes under the changing environment
  • Monitoring regional/continental water resource variations
  • Advancing hydrologic/hydrodynamic modeling approaches
  • Simulating / forecasting river hydraulics

Satellite Altimetry

Illustration of waveform, ground tracks, SAR vs LRM, etc. of Sentinel-6 altimeter (Video credits: ESA)

Inland water monitoring

Water monitoring with CryoSat-2

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  • Jiang et al. (2020) "A bigger picture of how the Tibetan lakes change over the past decade revealed by CryoSat-2 altimetry" Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres

Altimetry data evaluation & validation

Sentinel-3 over rivers
Sentinel-3 open-loop mode
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Hydrological/hydrodynamic modeling


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